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Hong Kong Studies is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at giving students a broad-based education on Hong Kong—its society, culture, creative industries, economy, politics, history and environment. The programme combines the perspectives and curricular strengths of a variety of disciplines, including literature, art history, history, sociology, politics, economics, journalism and communications.

The goal for Hong Kong Studies is to adopt a “problem-based” approach where students engage with core issues in Hong Kong’s evolution such as the interaction between citizens/subjects and rulers (imperial, colonial, communist); the importance of symbols in creating Hong Kong identity within colonial and communist eras; Hong Kong’s global influence as a cultural and financial hub; the role of Chinese tradition in creating new meanings for modern Hong Kong; the role of Hong Kong as a transition zone for ideas, capital and people. Graduates will be prepared to enter a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors in which a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of Hong Kong is essential to success.

20150212 關鍵詞:香港文化的再造
活動為香港大學知識交流(Knowledge Exchange) 2016 至 2017 年度項目之一,由港大香港研究課程主辦。透過工作坊、講座及創作比賽,加深同學對香港文化的掌握。課題以衣、食、住、行四方面為起點,從日常生活出發,探討香港文化的關鍵,幫助同學達致相關通識教育的要求,從而加強對香港社區的歸屬感。舉辦關鍵詞創作比賽的目的,亦是希望透過獎項、展覽及作品分享等方式,鼓勵年青一代對香港文化多作研究及反思。
Keywords of Theory Asia Keywords of Theory Asia 亞洲理論關鍵詞
As an intellectual joint-venture situated in-between Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities, Keywords of Asia is initiated through a collaboration between Knowledge Taiwan Collective and the Hong Kong Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong for exploring new cultural perspectives most relevant to the emerging transnationality and mutiplicity of Sinophonic cultures.

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2 March 2018 (Friday)

《亂世破讀》散文攝影集分享會 Book Talk on Against The Grain

Venue:Room 434, 4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

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